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Instaknow is the most innovative provider of business process automation software for large enterprises and government organizations in the world. Our patented artificial intelligence combines the human ability to adapt to changes, with a computer’s tireless endurance for accurately repeating tasks at electronic speeds. Our Human Intelligence Automation® (HIA) technology reliably executes complex, high-volume business procedures to deliver cost and time efficiencies far beyond that of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning.

With vision-like artificial intelligence, Instaknow’s HIA technology delivers the competency and efficiency of a fully-trained, hyper-diligent, intelligent workforce. Starting with the U.S. Army in 2003, Instaknow has deployed hundreds of HIA solutions capable of processing millions of complex business transactions per month with minimal need for intervention. HIA requires only one or two machines to complete work previously done by hundreds of people, simplifying deployments and delivering rapid cost reduction and profit gains. Instaknow’s automation solutions are quicker to deploy, auto-adapt to far more data complexity, and scale to far higher data volumes than any RPA tools.

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Patented, Trailblazing, & Constantly Improving

Since being granted our first artificial intelligence patent in 2004, our HIA technology has been improved diligently to make it even more auto-adaptive, flexible, and easy to use. With five granted patents in human-like-capability artificial intelligence, Instaknow is the thought leader in taming the challenges of complex, high-volume process automation.