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Instaknow Customer Success

Many organizations in various industries have achieved real business benefits by choosing the Instaknow’s Human Intelligence Automation® Platform, exploiting the full potential of their personnel and markets with faster innovation and increased speed of processing.

Multiple Global Customers

Precise data extraction from variable format documents using Human-Vision and Natural Language Processing.

  • Contract Review and Compliance

  • LIBOR Transition Impact Analysis

  • Tax Compliance

  • Research Reports/Observations

  • Clinical Data Reports

  • Regulatory Compliance

As one of the topmost educational endowments in the world, this university Investment Office needs to manage a flood of documents originating from about 600 investment managers. Instaknow automatically downloads and reads Financial Statements, Capital Statements, Capital Call Letters, Cash and in-kind Distribution Notices, K-1s, legal notices etc. This saves vast amounts of time, freeing the decision-makers to focus on timely investment decisions.

As an industry leader in Healthcare staffing services, this client accelerates their license verification and I-9 processing with Instaknow automation, saving thousands of tedious manual work hours every month, while ensuring 99.99+% accuracy.

Instaknow’s automation synchronizes data from multiple carrier systems for tens of thousands of containers and Arrival Notices every day. Complex, varying-format PDFs are downloaded and read automatically to extract only the required data and update other systems.

Departments of New York City use Instaknow to automatically and continuously synchronize information across many internal/external systems and thousands of changing documents, resulting in dramatic productivity gains.

Instaknow accurately generates complex import/export documents for thousands of shipments a month to speed up the global supply chain of this company, saving thousands of person-hours of manual processing and reducing potential cargo-holds by customs officials due to incomplete documentation.

Instaknow reads unstructured emails and attachments, accurately converts them to precise structured data and populates other systems. This eliminates a large number of hours of manual data re-entry a month, increasing employee productivity.

Instaknow reads complex patient reports (Pathology, Procedures, Imaging and many more), converts them to precise structured data using Natural Language Programming (NLP) and populates other systems. This provides a HIPAA-compliant, timely, complete picture to healthcare decision makers, leading to better evidence based outcomes.

This world class company optimizes their marketing plans by identifying key market influencers and tracking market sentiment for their products with Instaknow.

This company increases customer satisfaction, reduces fraud and lowers operating costs with an automated claims processing system delivered by Instaknow.

This shipping conglomerate synchronizes worldwide multi-modal Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Logistics systems with Instaknow’s automation, achieving higher asset utilization, agile planning and reduced cycle times.

As one of the major US based megabanks, this client mitigates risk, enhances program visibility and saves money with their Instaknow’s based Integrated Program and Risk Management Dashboards.

City Of Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles increases the speed and accuracy of its procurement process, provides better access and visibility and saves over $1 Million per year with an Instaknow based automated system.

Clermont Ohio

Deployed by Instaknow partner ClearView Technologies, Clermont County uses Instaknow to deliver integrated real-estate details from many diverse systems via a state-of-the-art Web portal, saving citizens and employees thousands of hours earlier lost in making physical visits to county offices to look up that information.

As both a partner and a client, Booz Allen Hamilton keeps their projects and their customers’ projects on time and under budget with an Integrated Program Management Portal built with Instaknow.

This client keeps their information updated at web speed and their customers “Instantly Informed” with a Web 2.0 based Intelligent Research Automation system based on Instaknow.

This offshore BPO outsources increases customer satisfaction and drives down the cost of high volume transaction processing for its clients with an automated system based on Instaknow.

This NJ based distributor streamlined its inventory operation and increased its cash flow with an Instaknow based solution.

eg and g

Global Supply Chain Management and Logistics solutions for Dept. of Defense clients.

This telecom company is on top of its business with real-time data integration of all aspects of order processing with Instaknow. Now they have reduced errors, faster turnaround of orders, increased cash flow, reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction.

Nuvox counts on its Instaknow based solution to handle the automation of inter and intra carrier business processes. Faster processing, reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction makes this a great use of Instaknow’s Human Intelligence Automation®.


Rapid insertion of advanced Command and Control (C2) and Combat System technologies into the complex open-architecture framework of existing combat systems for naval tactical and surveillance operations.

department of the army

The Army Program Executive Officer for Command, Control and Communications Tactical (PEO C3T) has deployed Instaknow for advanced web-based “executive dashboards” showing key status indicators for major acquisition programs under their oversight.

Instaknow continues to serve US NAVY for NAVSEA logistics, supply chain automation and Aviation Technical Data Integration.

Department Of The Airforce

Real-time Program Risk Management Dashboards. Air Force program managers benefit from Real-time Fusion of Contractor and Air Force Finance/Resource Planning Systems resulting in custom KPI tracking and custom proactive/reactive alerts when the KPIs deviate beyond allowed tolerances.

City Of Philadelphia

The City of Philadelphia has deployed Instaknow to integrate real-time information from multiple city agency legacy systems and provide social services case administrators an instant and comprehensive understanding of a family’s entire social services history, current status, eligibility and needs via a web based “Case Management Portal”.

Real-time coordinated multi-agency response solutions in Homeland Security.

Instaknow powered solutions are used by Stora Enso to automate logistics, order processing and supply chain automation across numerous distributors.

This Instaknow solution automatically interacts with 300 court system and professional organizations’ web sites, conducting criminal history background checks and professional/academic credential claims checks. The automation results in vastly faster, more accurate and thorough background checks than the earlier manual procedures.

Real-time integration of AS400, Mainframes, Excel, e-mails and Web based systems for CDI (Customer Data Integration) for automated auto-insurance coverage changes of corporate fleets.

lousiana state police

Instaknow’s automated multi-system intelligence provides real-time interoperability shared across government agencies running diverse emergency management platforms to provide instant awareness, collaboration and interoperability.

Collins Aerospace

Integrated Program Management Dashboards


Homeland Security solutions for federal agencies

Champion Mortgage

Automated entry of appraisal data into backend systems


Automated Network Management Dashboards