About Us

Instaknow is the industry leading Human Intelligence Automation software and services company. Instaknow develops and markets the award winning Instaknow-ACE® Smart Automation software platform. Instaknow's clients routinely save between 50-90% on the cost of manually intensive business processes by automating processing across gaps between diverse systems.

What we offer

“Human Like” Intelligence harnessed to drive operational excellence.

Instaknow’s patented software harnesses “Human Like” Artificial Intelligence to drive down the cost of highly manual processes and provide exceptional customer service and marketplace insight. Organizations ranging from financial institutions to manufacturers to governments to military organizations are using the patented Instaknow platform to make their workers more productive, effective, and informed; allowing them to spend more time performing the higher level aspects of their job. Our easy-to-use menu-driven tools makes it possible to design, develop and deploy hyper-connected, intelligent systems in days and weeks rather than months and years.