Compete and Win in Today’s Hyper-demanding World

The demanding reality

If you are like most organizations, you have already identified your imperatives…. Cut costs, provide better service to retain clients among fierce competition and leverage scarce resources to expand your offerings in a tough economic environment. We all know it is easier said than done.

The current problem preventing better performance

In spite of large investments in your core IT systems and integration efforts, you probably still have large teams of knowledge workers in various operation departments doing the same activities every day. This costly layer of manual work exists simply because currently there is no easy way to automate processing that requires human problem solving capabilities around fragmented and fuzzy information. And it is going to get worse! A leading IT analyst firm has projected 650% growth in Enterprise data between 2009 and 2014, with 80% of that being UNSTRUCTURED, ruling out easy automation. But adding staff to do high-volume operations is only going to increase costs, processing delays and errors.

The Instaknow Solution - Human Intelligence Automation

Instaknow’s “Human Intelligence Automation” software is specifically created to close the “manual processing” gap that exists today. It can:

Rapid benefits for you

Instaknow will help you streamline and eliminate manually intensive business processes to provide higher operational excellence and cost efficiencies. Free your staff from unnecessary data entry so they can focus on higher-value work, design new offerings and expand your market share.

Check out examples of solutions we have deployed for our global clients to see how we can help you.