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Instaknow’s patented Human Intelligence Automation® software uses human vision-like artificial intelligence to automatically recognize, contextualize, and adapt to changed data locations in documents and screens, without needing arcane technical instructions and Machine Learning.

On the other hand, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows software “bots” to repeat pre-taught actions across user interfaces of diverse systems, doing the same work as a user does. However, RPA bots blindly repeat predefined steps, and are unable to handle unpredictable variations of data layouts and positions.

Human vision-like adaptability is a crucial artificial intelligence advance that allows deployment of multi-system automation with extremely high reliability, eliminating the need for constant programming fixes from IT and data corrections from operations staff.

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Why Human Intelligence Automation®?

Human vision-like intelligence

The human vision-like artificial intelligence locates data of interest in multiple screens, multi-page documents, Excels, and other sources, all at the same time from a single machine, drastically reducing the number of machines needed for reliable, high-volume automation.

No other automation approach comes close to Instaknow’s built-in simplicity, adaptability, intelligence, and effectiveness in delivering high-value business results.

Easily-Deployable, Secure, Advanced Capabilities

Our human vision-like AI minimizes deployment time, computing resources, and implementation costs, all while providing measurable benefits within weeks. Even Instaknow’s most advanced capabilities are designed for simple, seamless integration with your existing systems. Instaknow minimizes security risks and data vulnerabilities by leveraging user-level access. We help ensure full compliance with your unique industry regulations, all while providing active audit trails for each automated action.