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Instaknow’s Human Intelligence Automation Instaknow-ACE® Platform

Powered by more granted patents than any RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software

Adapting in real-time, Instaknow overcomes the main scalability limitation RPA and Machine Learning have, i.e. inability of processing unfamiliar data layouts. Additionally, Instaknow runs multiple complex processes in parallel in the memory of each machine, WITHOUT opening visible user interfaces like browsers or Excels. With dramatically higher accuracy and throughput, Instaknow delivers high-volume, straight-through, unattended automation to realize the effort, time and cost savings promised by Scalable Intelligent Automation.

We are your ideal partner for reliably and efficiently processing high volumes of complex transactions and unpredictably formatted, multi-page documents. With Instaknow-ACE®, you can rapidly deploy secure, mission-critical automation with human-like intelligence, capable of processing millions of complex business transactions per month from a single machine, all secured with built-in redundancy and failover safeguards.

Why Instaknow-ACE®

Auto-adaptive, Electronic Vision

  • Utilizes human vision-like artificial intelligence to auto-adapt to unpredictable changes in data positions, layouts, and volumes on unstructured sources using patented advances in pattern recognition and pattern matching
  • Guarantees radically more reliable processing than blind RPA robots by accurately handling unknown page order, unpredictable paragraph sequence, varying data location within a page, and more
  • Handles infinite layout variations in data of interest, without arcane technical instructions – no “spying” needed

Advanced Intelligence to Handle Data Complexity

  • Reliably executes complex, cross-system business comparisons, calculations, decisions, publishing, updates, and alerts
  • Intelligently and simultaneously correlates and updates required information from many separate sources, including unstructured sources such as web sites from external partners, suppliers, and customers, portals, search engines, blogs, emails and attachments, complex documents, and legacy screens, as well as structured sources such as ERP/CRM/SCM/BPM systems, databases, web services, and APIs
  • Run multiple processes in parallel with each other in high volumes from a single machine to accurately process more knowledge work in minutes than a qualified team can execute in days

Easy, Rapid Deployment

  • Deploy on cloud, local virtual, or physical machines of your choice
  • No systems changes needed, eliminating any installation risks
  • Complex, multi-system, and high-volume applications configured, tested, and deployed in just weeks using the auto-programming approach – think of this as “Automating Automation”

Simplicity of Use

  • Run Instaknow solutions to best suit your business: on-demand and on-schedule, 24 x 7, as a service, triggered by specific events, on Windows servers or workstation machines, and more
  • Changes, when required, are point-and-click and take only a matter of hours
  • No technical programming required – user-friendly point-and-click wizards do all detail work for you
  • Specify processing details using point-and-click wizards including cross-system processing sequences, business rules such as comparisons, calculations, and decisions, inexact comparison thresholds, actions such as update, publish, and alert, process triggers, and user intervention rules
  • Built-in BPM (Business Process Management) capabilities that allow the automated process to halt, alert, escalate, and continue with authorized user feedback

Highly Secure, Traceable Processing

  • Extends the reach of your core systems to include data from all currently non-integrated sources without needing any changes to any systems and honoring all security protocols
  • Built-in “High Availability Architecture” allows multi-server deployments for fault-tolerance for mission-critical applications
  • Monitoring console provides real-time logs, traces, and audit trails
  • Advanced step-through “debugging” features that allow easy validation of cross-system processing for highly reliable results

Additional Benefits

Advanced, out-of-the-box, embedded intelligence

  • Human vision-like artificial intelligence needs minimal definition to do the work, adapting to each system’s unique data content, format, and navigation
  • Allows you to add cross-system business decision rules via a point-and-click graphical interface to make the automation as intelligent as your expert business users, including exception handling and audit trails

Enterprise-class, secure parallel processing

  • Automates mission-critical operations without error
  • Processes millions of complex, high-impact, multi-source business transactions per month using only one or two machines
  • Provides full visibility with built-in load-balancing, redundancy; ensuring compliance with the most demanding regulations

Color and font sensitivity

  • Allows you to automatically apply color-based or font-based business rules (i.e. “ignore grey rows”)

Easy linkage to all data without programming

  • Reads and updates normal enterprise data sources as well as hard-to-integrate, unpredictable-layout sources
  • Supports all natural languages
  • Includes built-in Captcha solver

Application of multi-parameter inexact matching (``fuzzy matching``) intelligence

  • Finds same or similar information across multiple systems with reliability of an expert user, even when the data is technically not the same.