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Instaknow’s Philadelphia Solution Breaks New Ground For Integrated Social Service

South Plainfield, NJ.
July 25, 2006

Benefiting caseworkers, clients and tax payers, this integrated Case Management system is a model for all large cities.

Philadelphia engaged Instaknow’s award winning “No-Code Business Process Management™ ” software to integrate real-time information and automate business processes across multiple city agencies’ disparate backend systems, web-based portals, and client-server systems. The software’s automated intelligence capabilities greatly reduce the costly, time-consuming, and sometimes tragic problems that result from fragmented, hard to reach information and protracted manual operations. Powered by patented artificial intelligence, Instaknow deploys sophisticated decision support solutions without writing code and without change to existing systems.

The Problem – Lack of Integration Created Delays and Caused Wrong Decisions

Without getting an accurate and comprehensive view of a cross-agency profile of each family member eligible to receive aid, a caseworker was unable to make timely, correct decisions. Getting all relevant data from every agency would take days or weeks. Incomplete information could result in a potentially disastrous decision, e.g. reunification of a child with a parent without knowing the parent’s history of mental disorder.

The Solution – Real-time Integration with Immediate Benefits to the City

The Instaknow integrated process automation solution, appropriately named CARES, integrates data from the following social services and related family information systems:

  1. Behavioral Health Special Initiative
  2. Office of Emergency Shelter Services
  3. Case Load Management
  4. Department of Social Services
  5. Forensic Intensive Recovery System
  6. City Prison System
  7. Department of Human Services
  8. Office of Mental Health Services
  9. Community Health Services
  10. Crisis Response Center
  11. Juvenile Justice System

CARES provides the Department of Social Services (DSS) an instant and comprehensive understanding of an individual (client) and the family’s entire social services history, current status, eligibility, and needs. CARES advances caseworker productivity, improves responsiveness to clients, drastically cuts decision times, ensures compliance to state and federal laws and guidelines; and avoids potentially calamitous case decisions that result from misinformation, fragmented information, late information, or simply, no information.

The Instaknow-driven portal will be enhanced to include more agencies and to send automated proactive and reactive alerts when changes occur in a family or client’s situation. CARES’ no-code, rapid reconfiguration business agility is unmatched by any coded technology.

Rapid Deployment Means Rapid Results and Rapid ROI for Philadelphia

Philadelphia selected Instaknow’s patented BPM platform after evaluating other integration approaches. Instaknow’s
“No-Code BPM™” eliminated the need for a very complex, protracted, and expensive multi-year legacy system re-programming effort in order for each system to be XML enabled and provides benefits far beyond those gained through a typical Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) by enhancing it with business rule driven Business Process Management.

First production phase was deployed in just eight months, at a fraction of the cost and time of a conventional approach that would have required a massive multi-year XML programming effort. Subsequent phases will expand the system’s capabilities. Automated integration and reconciliation of provider management and payment systems that provide automatic payment audits to reduce inappropriate payments and fraud is planned as well as other problem-solving solutions. Instaknow’s innovative Process Automation solutions will be equally effective in other city, state and federal government agencies.

Instaknow’s award winning “Adaptive Artificial Intelligence” software is deployed to support large government, military, and corporate operations.

For more information, visit www.instaknow.com or Email: solutions@instaknow.com