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Press Release – CQ Homeland Security

CQ Homeland Security

January 6, 2006

Firms Partner on Responder Software Projects 
By Zack Phillips, CQ Staff

A Virginia technology firm announced last week it is partnering with the maker of patented software in providing emergency information systems for first-responders.

McLean, Va. based Apogen Technologies and Instaknow of South Plainfield, N.J., said they are working together on several projects using Instaknow’s patented Active Collaboration Engine, which officials for the firms say fuses disparate databases (integrates digitized information and automates processes) into an easily usable system.

Under one $735,000 contract, Apogen is developing software for a central analysis center (Fusion & Analytic Center) in Louisiana, allowing analysts to immediately search a number of state databases for information. So, for example, a police officer at a traffic stop can quickly find out if a motorist is wanted for any violation or flagged on a watch list.

Apogen Senior Vice President David Mize said the firm is also marketing to Louisiana state police a similar setup that would allow officers on the scene of a potential hazardous-material spill to send out the vehicle’s identification number and discover within minutes what material was exposed and how to proceed — based on weather conditions, local population density and other factors.

And the firm, Mize said, is producing a demonstration for the Louisiana Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness on how the Instaknow software can automate situation reports, so that emergency information is updated as frequently as necessary and leaders are automatically alerted when certain real-life (real time) conditions are met.

“You don’t miss anything,” Mize said. “If the water rises above a certain level, it can send out e-mails to a list of people or put in a cell phone call or a radio call” (and trigger unlimited custom automated processes and provide a common operating picture across the state, region, national guard, federal agencies, etc.).

Instaknow Senior Vice President said the software, which does not use code writing, (or requires change to existing systems) could be put to use to easily track the dollars being spent on Hurricane Katrina reconstruction.

For more information, visit www.Instaknow.com or Email: Solutions@instaknow.com