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Press Release – Instaknow Granted Sixth Patent!

Instaknow’s sixth AI patent (US 11568666 – “System for Human-Vision-Like AI Scans of Unstructured data to Detect Information-of-Interest”) is a game changer! It automatically scans complex multi-page, multi-section documents to reliably extract desired data. No human-in-the-loop automation means radically faster processing of massive volumes of business transactions at lower costs.

In logistics, it is used by the biggest shippers and freight forwarders to automatically read waybills, arrival notices, BLs, carrier invoices, commercial invoices and customs filings; resulting in faster operations and massive cost savings.

In finance, it is used by some of the biggest banks to automatically grab relevant details from bank statements, loan statements, loan applications, contracts of sale, payslips, trust deeds, rental statements and much more, eliminating human data-entry.

In healthcare, it is used by some of the most famous hospital chains to read complex PDFs to get provider credentials, insurance details and patient medical records, in full compliance of all requirements.

In today’s chaotic, “I need it now!” world, Instaknow brings reliable, massively scalable automation in every industry. It can bring quick relief from sky-rocketing costs in your operations too.

For more information, visit www.Instaknow.com or Email: Solutions@instaknow.com


More patents to come…Stay tuned!