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Press Release – Instaknow Granted Third Patent!

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted yet another patent (7,437,342) to Instaknow. Instaknow-ACE® (Active Collaboration Engine) is distinct and unmatched. Deploying integrated business capabilities WITHOUT programming (code) is now confirmed to be unique in the industry.

Instaknow leads in Process Automation with other patents (2nd and 3rd patent)

Patents 7,073,126 and 7,437,342 protect Instaknow’s artificial intelligence software wizards that can remember the “business context” of any electronic data and know how to handle that information in the future. Instaknow learns the business context of each step in a business process from an authorized user, and repeats the steps automatically whenever that process needs to be initiated and completed. Just like human staff, Instaknow can fulfill an order, respond to an emergency, track project funding and deliverables, or carry out any other business process. Automating gathering, analysis of information across data silos and the web, and the resultant business actions, empowers rapid decision-making, cuts costs, and ensures regulatory compliance of even the most complex and high-volume processes.

Emulating Human Intelligence (1st patent)

Patent 6,732,102 was granted for Instaknow’s advances in “Visual Pattern Matching” artificial intelligence, capable of reliable real-time interactions with Web sites and documents (e.g. e-mails, WORD, EXCEL, PDF). Instaknow AI wizards emulate human vision to accurately discover the required information, in spite of layout changes. Instaknow’s reliable automated interactions with Web systems and documents enable rapid, accurate responses to business problems and opportunities, and eliminate manual errors and omissions.

Instaknow’s “Results Oriented Architecture” exceeds SOA objectives without the cost and time of massive re-programming 

Instaknow’s trademarked “Results Oriented Architecture” exceeds the benefits offered by SOA (XML based “Service Oriented Architecture”) while avoiding its inherent time, cost and risk due to the need for reengineering complex systems. Instaknow’s clients believe that the best way to leverage a valuable system is to integrate it WITHOUT touching it!

Instaknow Solutions Deliver “The Agile Enterprise” 

Today’s challenging economic environment across corporate and government sectors has created sweeping needs for Instaknow’s automated solutions. The first to respond to market changes, new regulations, and the need for innovation will win in today’s economic and political climate.

For more information, visit www.instaknow.com or Email: solutions@instaknow.com

More patents to come…Stay tuned!