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Press Release – Lockheed Martin

Instaknow named to Lockheed Martin $700 million EPA information Technology contract

“Information sharing and process automation without code across all EPA disparate systems gives new meaning to event management.”- Paul Khandekar, Instaknow CEO.

(South Plainfield, NJ)
January 7, 2005

Instaknow has been selected by Lockheed Martin to support a recent EPA award: Information Technology Solutions-Environmental Systems Engineering (ITS-ESE). This nine-year contract, worth approximately $700 million provides a wide range of environmental, administrative and research systems engineering services to the EPA nationwide. Under this contract, Instaknow will provide data management, information integration, and process automation solutions through its patented software that eliminates the use of programming code.

“With Instaknow’s ability to integrate information across disparate systems from legacy systems to the web, automate processes by building unlimited custom rules and logic, create dynamic collaboration and decision-making all without writing code, without changing existing systems, allows our team to achieve many of the EPA’s objectives,” explains Cathy Wagenfer, VP, Business Development, ITS-ESE. Reducing the time and cost of developing information management and workflow solutions across federal, regional, state, and local EPA operations and integrating vital, real time information with other agencies such as DHS, FEMA, CDC, and National Guard are achievable in weeks with Instaknow’s paradigm software.

Under the ITS-ESE contract Lockheed Martin will perform systems development tasks in application security, IT architectural support, training, data management, statistical services, geographic information systems, high-performance computing and visualization, and scientific application and computational science support.

Instaknow’s “Chemical Spill” demo will be installed at ITS-ESE headquarters, the National Environmental Information and Systems Engineering Center in Arlington, VA. The demo runs in real time capturing vital information from websites, multimedia streams, “visualizes” data streams, automates dynamic conference calls with first responders and event managers, and presents a composite view of vital information from unlimited sources, in real time. Instaknow also triggers actions and decisions based on pre-set rules and criteria, again, without code. It can also be viewed at Instaknow’s website: www.Instaknow.com

For more information, visit www.Instaknow.com or Email: Solutions@instaknow.com 

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