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Press Release – Louisiana State Police Contract

Instaknow-ACE selected to rapidly deploy vital solutions

(May 31, 2006) South Plainfield, NJ.

State Police Are Empowered
The Louisiana State Police (LSP) will use the Instaknow-ACE “no code” patented software platform to build much needed data integration and process automation solutions for its Fusion and Analytic Center. Introduced to LSP by Apogen Technologies (New Orleans), state police officials were impressed with Instaknow’s ability to integrate digitized information from disparate sources within LSP, interoperate with other Louisiana agencies, other states’ agencies as well as with federal sources. Rapid solution deployment systems from eliminating the need to write tens of thousands of lines of hard code or require any change to existing systems. The state police can build unlimited rules, logic, and conditionality into a solution and automate processes that maximize resources, empower decision-making, and save lives.

LSP will eliminate manual operations that result from working with multiple information sources that “don’t talk to each other” and getting the right information to the right people at the right time. It was always about getting accurate and complete info that made the difference between life and death. Automating processes, an automated real time Common Operating Picture (COP) and all-encompassing visual Situation Awareness for first responders, the Command and Control Center, and decision-makers will set new benchmarks for public safety and crisis management.

First Responders and Decision-Makers Gain Real-Time Advantages
Lt. Walter Wolfe, program manager for LSP’s Fusion Center will initially use Instaknow to address incidents involving chemical spills, storm events and criminal background checks. Lt. Wolfe identifies Instaknow’s importance by remarking that “A critical factor in information gathering is the ability to collect information in a timely manner.” He added, “Traditionally a user has to access multiple sources using individual queries. This risks the possibility that established sources might be overlooked or the input itself might be incorrect. Instaknow will allow for us to build a methodology into our collection outreach and to make our process more efficient with an ability to respond quicker in providing information for both decision makers as well as for those operating on the ground in a critical event.”

Instaknow’s Integrator Apogen Technology Drives New Solutions Apogen Technologies’ Instaknow-trained team will build and deploy solutions. In supporting LSP for many years, Apogen is quite familiar with the new center’s challenges. Ret. Maj. Gen. David Mize, Senior Vice President, Apogen Technologies, explains his company’s reasons for teaming with Instaknow and Apogen’s plans to expand the use of Instaknow in Louisiana and beyond. “Instaknow’s technology is one of those rare products that actually provides a quantum leap in capability. With this new tool, Apogen can really begin to effectively and affordably solve the interoperability problems that have plagued first responders for so long. We are confident that the Fusion Center will provide such a great new capability that other state police and first responder organizations will soon be demanding similar Centers.” Concurrent with the LSP project, Apogen is rapidly building Instaknow solutions for the Louisiana National Guard.

Instaknow’s Contribution is Immediate and Far Reaching Tom Bowers, Instaknow’s Director of Business Development Gulf Coast, working closely with LSP and Apogen, believes that new performance standards will be reached quickly. “Many state agencies, post Katrina, have been asked to do more with less and LSP is no exception. Automating unlimited information gathering and collaboration among first responders and state agencies is a significant leap forward in state police effectiveness. Safeguarding the community and our oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical industries in Louisiana with Instaknow allows LSP crisis analysts and law enforcement to achieve so much more in less time with phenomenal accuracy.”

Instaknow’s patented software has deployed solutions across all sectors: government, military, and corporate. Awarded CWID’s 2005 “Top Performer” status at last summer’s Homeland Security and Interoperability conference by the Joint Forces Command, NorthCom, and the National Guard Bureau, Instaknow’s breakthrough “adaptive artificial intelligence” platform has created a wave of excitement across the U.S. setting new and unmatched benchmarks.

For more information, visit www.Instaknow.com or Email: Solutions@instaknow.com