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Press Release – SAIC

Instaknow-ACE® The Active Collaboration Engine

(South Plainfield, NJ)
July 7th, 2003

Instaknow Signs Joint Marketing Agreement With SAIC
Instaknow Inc. and Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) have combined resources to address one of the most immediate and critical challenges facing the newly formed Department of Homeland Security (DHS): the need for interoperability, process automation, and real time information across all sectors and agencies. SAIC has selected Instaknow’s software platform to support SAIC’s Public Safety Integration Center. This alliance brings together SAIC’s long-term history of success and presence with government, the military, and private industry with Instaknow’s unique software: Instaknow-ACE® (Active Collaboration Engine) and can deliver critical public security solutions in weeks and months, not years.

With Instaknow-ACE®, SAIC’s Public Safety Integration Center can achieve real time interaction and information sharing across federal, state, and local systems, emergency operations centers, first responders, the intelligence community, law enforcement, military branches, health services, transportation, the National Guard and private industry.

Instaknow’s breakthrough software provides intelligent integration across those stove pipe, disparate platform systems that “don’t or can’t talk to each other.” Instaknow-ACE® is a wizard-based software with levels of artificial intelligence to rapidly deploy “configured” multi-system real-time collaboration solutions without writing a single line of code and without requiring any change or coding in any collaborating system. Instaknow enables SAIC’s Public Safety Integration Center to empower decision-makers and create real-time actions that can save lives.

“Instaknow is solving one of the key problems in Homeland Security: interoperability,” said James W. Morentz, SAIC corporate vice president for Homeland Security Technology. “As it is being used in the SAIC Public Safety Integration Center, Instaknow serves as a data mining, data warehousing, display, and alerting tool to provide executives a view of an on-going emergency, or an emerging threat. SAIC and Instaknow can deliver to emergency decision-makers timely information from a host of commercial and government incident management software systems to provide the right information to the right people in real time.”

“Information is Power in all wars including the war against terrorism”, said Paul Khandekar, Instaknow’s President and CEO. “An intelligent, real-time knowledge based response before, during and after emergencies allows optimal utilization of critical resources in a highly coordinated and effective manner. SAIC’s Public Safety Integration Center can establish a new standard of preparedness and efficacy across all levels of resources in actively managing threats to our nation.”

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About SAIC:

SAIC is the nation’s largest employee-owned research and engineering company, providing information technology, systems integration and eSolutions to commercial and government customers. SAIC engineers and scientists work to solve complex technical problems in national and homeland security, energy, the environment, space, telecommunications, health care, transportation and logistics. With annual revenues of $5.9 billion, SAIC and its subsidiaries, including Telcordia Technologies, have more than 40,000 employees at offices in more than 150 cities worldwide. More information about SAIC can be found on the Internet at www.saic.com

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About Instaknow:
Instaknow, based in South Plainfield, NJ, has created innovative software to rapidly configure and deploy highly advanced “programming-less” real-time process automation solutions. Instaknow has been awarded contracts with the US Army and several large corporations. Instaknow’s team of integration partners continues to build and deploy advanced integration and automation solutions in government, military, and corporate sectors.

For more information, visit www.instaknow.com or Email: solutions@instaknow.com