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When hiring, you need to act fast but effectively. When you don’t, you can miss out on the right hire or hire a bad apple instead.

Reading resumes takes a lot of time and valuable resources and most hiring websites don’t produce the best results. Instead, let Human Intelligence Automation (HIA) with its human-like vision and Natural Language Processing help you fill these gaps.

Human Intelligence Automation (HIA) can:

✔️ Match thousands of resumes to hundreds of job openings with better than human accuracy at electronic speeds
✔️ Automatically read unknown formats of job requirements and resumes
✔️ Compare and rank matches based on preferred weightages
✔️ Perform background and credential checks across the Web
✔️ Adapt to any HR department’s workflow to free recruiters from the tedious initial screening tasks where each candidate is compared to multiple job openings to find the best fit across all

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