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Instaknow’s AI processing goes to original credential check data sources at any time you tell it to. It assists in vetting new hires fast, and can monitor providers routinely through DEA, OIG, the Medicare Exclusion list, and OFAC, e.g., protecting your enterprise as well as your patients. The AI tool is many times faster than manual credentialling and is consistently accurate. It does  primary source verification with 99.99% accuracy using less than 20% of your workforce and creates a time-stamped audit trail at the same time.

Find out what other credentialing companies have already known for years: reliably automating provider monitoring and credentialing for tens of thousands of licenses monthly can save on costly compliance mistakes.

Instaknow’s AI technology has been developed to assist and improve all types of credentialing, be it talent acquisition or re-credentialling present staff. Instaknow has 6 AI patents and has been providing solutions for the Army, Navy, Big Cities and Large Healthcare. Instaknow’s fast automation is available when you need it.

With Instaknow automation comes:

  • Speed – lightning fast – quicker onboarding with verifications completed
  • 24-hr., unattended data gathering
  • Accuracy – manual vs. AI
  • No excuses like – “They gave us…” or “we had bad data on file.”
  • The most current data available at the Primary Source
  • Audit Trail
  • Compliance
  • CAPTCHAs handled
  • Consistency – no short-cuts taken
  • Control
  • More frequent lookups across thousands of sources
  • Protection
  • Peace of mind

See for yourself. Give us a call.

Schedule a 15-minute Introduction Call to find out how we can help your organization save on costly compliance mistakes and protect your enterprise as well as your patients.

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