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Intelligent Processing of Test Results

COVID-19 has put a bright spotlight on a big problem healthcare facilities have always faced:

Poor data integration to EMR systems

For example, manually obtaining Lab test & Procedure results, reading them, analyzing them, and updating relevant systems.

Which means staff has less time to focus on their actual job: patient care.

So how can healthcare facilities solve this problem?

The only cost-effective, practical solution is Human Intelligence Automation (HIA).

HIA is the closest substitute to a real human employee and can overcome this massive issue.

HIA helps provide relief for overburdened clinical staff by
✔️Retrieving genomic tests, lab results and procedure report PDFs from multiple testing organization websites
✔️Accurately reading, identifying, and extracting the results from varying layout PDFs and entering into EMR systems.

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Patient Data Integration

Consolidate patient information from fragmented health care systems & match patients to clinical trials for better outcomes.


Financial Services

Maximize revenue with eligibility verification and speed up cash flow with faster billing, collections, and cash posting.

Faster Recruiting and
Provider Credentialing

Match applicant resumes to open positions, confirm provider background and contact information for accuracy.

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