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Even with the talent crunch, you still need to get your work done and meet customer expectations. Instaknow’s Human Intelligence Automation® is the closest substitute for human employees. And you can include the power of generative AI easily in your processes while protecting data privacy. We can deploy most solutions in 3 weeks or less.

How Instaknow can help?

Shipping Logistics

–    Speed your cargo

  • Automatically Synchronized Supply Chain

  • End to End visibility

  • Automatically read and generate custom filings


–    Reduce staff burnout

  • Faster entry of patient data E.g. Read Lab/Test/Procedure/Genomic test results and update health systems

  • Consolidate patient data from multiple fragmented health systems


–    Vet new hires fast

  • Primary source verification with 99.99% accuracy using less than 20% of your workforce

  • Create a time-stamped audit trail at the same time


–    Accurately handle mountains of claims

  • Process Claims and Payouts

  • Investigate Fraud

Financial Services

–    Ramp up new processes quickly

  • Customer Onboarding for government assistance

  • Loan/Mortgage Processing

  • Fraud Investigation

  • Risk & Compliance Monitoring


–    Speed the science to expand breakthroughs

  • Research and cross reference information from complex data sources (Web and documents)

  • Speed high-value efforts, like finding candidate patients for clinical trials

Manufacturing & Distribution

–    Deliver goods and value to your customers

  • Manage the additional demand through workflow Automation

  • Automatically Synchronized Supply Chain


–    Successfully manage the crisis

  • Manage the pandemic and serve more citizens through automation

  • Enable positive interactions between residents and First Responders


–    Get insights into massive volumes of information

  • Read and extract Information from complex documents (affidavits, depositions, summonses, judgments, agreements…)

  • Automate background checks from multiple sources and connect the dots

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