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Repeat the success of large law organizations using Instaknow’s artificial intelligence every day.

Automatically read
complex documents

Instaknow’s human-like vision AI can read tens of thousands of pages of very complex documents (affidavits, depositions, summonses, judgments, agreements…) in a day with
better-than-human accuracy, saving thousands of precious hours of your staff’s time.

Civil Law

Employ the power of Instaknow’s Human Intelligence Automation® to cut manual effort, time, cost and errors in managing thousands of cases.

Criminal Law

Automate background checks from multiple sources and connect the dots, in a provably compliant manner.

Legal Excellence


Watch how Instaknow helps the legal industry using the distinctive visual artificial intelligence ability to locate required information within complex web pages and multi-page PDF documents with amazing speed and accuracy, regardless of unknown page sequences and data locations.

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