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complex value chain

Instaknow automates complex supply chain for large customers like the U.S. Navy and top global companies in Consumer Electronics and Automotive industries, to enable actionable visibility and rapid movement of parts and services. Reduce costs and increase margins.

Supply Chain

Instaknow’s Supply Chain Solution helps realize increased efficiency, competitiveness, profits and service levels in your supply chain, all while achieving significant avoidance in headcount costs.

Benefits include:
  • Supply-Demand Synchronization
  • Reduced Inventory and Transportation Costs
  • Higher Asset Utilization

Supply Chain Reconciliation

Repairs require close coordination with local partners. Instaknow solution provides automated reconciliation and discrepancy management of Repair Orders, invoices and payments between customer ERP and partner ERP Systems, as well as scheduling, inventory management and tracking of faulty parts and their cradle-to-grave history.

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